Thursday, June 26, 2008

Independent Article

I'm happy to say the Independent, the alternative newspaper in the Triangle, is working on a story about DPI's attempts to appease the ADF, as well as why calling out homophobia would get you fired. (these are two very interesting questions, although i also wonder why the desires of the ADF trump the desires of student's parents as to what movies they can see, so I hope they'll take that on too.)

I was interviewed by Matt Saldana; he also contacted the faculty members who were fired and then offered their jobs back. I'm not sure if they'll be free to talk to him. Apparently, part of the agreement of getting their job back had to be that they not talk about their firing with students. DPI just becomes a more and more fervent defender of the old First Amendment rights as every day passes.

I also got to do a photo shoot with Derek Anderson at the Indy; he's a great photographer and it was a lot of fun. I have no idea how the whole thing will turn out or what angle they'll take or how seriously they'll take it, but it seems like a start. I still believe DPI has to answer as to why they would allow the ADF to determine an NC public school's curriculum. Perhaps this article can open the door to that discussion.

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