Monday, June 2, 2008

Blog Purpose

I'm putting this blog together so there is one central place where people can track what's happening in the battle between the Alliance Defense Fund and the North Carolina Governor's School.

I'll include all the background information I can find and update it with information as I can. Lots of folks have asked me to keep them updated and this seems like the easiest way to centralize that information. If anyone has any other information, I would be happy to include it here as well.

I'll try to include action suggestions too. The nature of GS is not, of course, to tell you what to do or how to do it, but lots of people have asked me how they can be active in this fight. I'll try to post some ideas here.

I think the most important thing this blog can do is to make public what has been a very secret fight. The most important lesson I learned at GSE, the most important value Governor's School embraces is that there is no topic that is so controversial, so painful, so out of bounds that there is no way to have a responsible, respectful conversation about it.

Unfortunately, the administration of GS has decided that ADF's attack is to be a secret from the faculty, the students, the alumni, and the public at large. I believe that the only way groups like the ADF can be dealt with are publicly and openly. The ADF wears their homophobia openly and proudly; I would hope Governor's School would be as proud and believe as much in the values they publicly state as intrinsic to the program. Without an organized and coherent response, it seems very possible that the ADF could either close the Governor's School program or gut it of so many core values so that it exists in name only. I hope this blog will help co-ordinate the defense of Governor's School, a program I love, believe in, and think crucial at this time.

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