Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Player in the Game

While the ADF is the biggest player attacking GS, there are other players in the game. One on the scene in the North Carolina Family Policy Council.

They also like to "monitor" what goes on at Governor's School and seemingly, threaten litigation. (At the very least they like to have their lawyer send letters.) They specifically complained about Me Vie En Rose that I showed for the series and Tarnation that I showed in Documentary Fiction class. (They seemed to have last years syllabus though or they were just shooting blind that I would show both again. Ma Vie En Rose I did kick off the Human Sexuality Film Series with, but Tarnation had been part of the 2006 Area I class and I did not show it in 2007.)
2006 was the year the film series was censored and shut down; Tarnation was shown in class.

The links between the ADF and the NCFPC are made clear here and again the question is why DPI would allow either of these groups to set curriculum for an NC public school program.

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