Saturday, June 14, 2008

ADF Tactics

The ADF is very focused right now on stopping California from allowing same-sex couples equal marriage rights. Interestingly, we can see familiar tactics in how they address that. From the Friday June 13th paper with a link to the whole article.

"In a statement, County Clerk Ann K. Barnett announced that her office would not solemnize any wedding vows after Friday, a move that she said reflected administrative and budgetary concerns, but that gay rights activists think reflects Ms. Barnett’s distaste for same-sex marriage. The decision does not affect the ability of any couple in the county to obtain a marriage license. . . .

Ms. Barnett did not return calls seeking comment. On Monday, The Bakersfield Californian published e-mail messages between her office and a conservative legal group, the Alliance Defense Fund in Arizona, which had unsuccessfully argued against same-sex marriage in front of the State Supreme Court."

So in this case, the ADF has found someone on the inside of the issue and has guided/directed/supported their homophobic actions. But again, we are left with the question of why an evangelical Christian group based in Arizona should be denying California citizens the rights of their state?

Similarly, why was the ADF allowed to overturn the rights of NC parents? These parents had already given their permission for their children to see the films in the Human Sexuality Film series? Why would DPI allow ADF's homophobia to overrule the rights of parents? Was this a decision made by Tom Winton? Mary Watson? June Atkinson? And why are they not being called to task for denying GS parents their rights?

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