Friday, July 18, 2008


I'm going to speak on Monday to the GSE GSA. I'm looking forward to hearing the students' questions and just hearing about where they are at with everything. I'm also very proud that GSE has put the GSA on the public calendar. I'll be interested to see what comes from that step, but I would also say that step fills me with pride and hope as well.

I'll also be interested to hear about the process of having me as a speaker. I know there was some concern but I don't know what level that was at- faculty, admin or above. I plan to be respectful, responsible, and honest. I feel some security knowing they can't fire me twice. However I did find out that my dean at the college got a note from above him about my presence in the Indy article. May be time to start passing on faculty openings you know about, although I hope not. I enjoy the students at VGCC a lot and would hate to lose them, just as I hated to lose the GSE ones.

I'll try to give an overview of the talk- it will be at 4pm in the chapel on the Meredith campus.

Oh and my response when I sent Marcy a note, asking why the sudden interest in GS now by the N and O? I'll quote in full- "thanks, tanya." Not sure if that means "i didn't read your email" or "yes you are exactly right" or "please leave me alone you crackpot."

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