Tuesday, July 22, 2008


i enjoyed talking to the GSA at GSE yesterday. They had a lot of good questions about how to start their own GSA's at their high schools, what their legal rights were as high school students, what troubles they should anticipate, what the real story is about what happened last summer (GSE hadn't talked to them about the other members that were fired for example), what they could do to support GS, whether it was better to take on the ADF or DPI, and some questions about sexuality theory.

they were interested, kind kids and it left me sad and once again surprised that DPI can't just be honest with the faculty and students at GSE. these were kids who quickly got what was going on and why not allowing the ADF to affect the GS curriculum was important. why in the world is DPI and GSE not telling them the whole story? (i understand why the faculty can't, but certainly michael could lay out the situation for them)

i'll say again that the faculty, students, and alumni are GS's greatest strength and as long as the administration of GS keeps lying to them and withholding information from them, they will never be ready to take on the ADF. GS desperately needs leadership right now and it's not fair to ask the faculty and students to provide that leadership- that's the job of Tom Winton, Mary Watson, and Michael McElreath. Someone needs to love GS more than they love their position at GS.

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